Farmers' Market Report – Week of March 18th 2009

Good afternoon, everyone!
We have some exciting new items to share with you this week:
Weiser Family Farms’ Baby Purple Broccoli, which is a specific seed variety called Red Arrow. It’s not purple all the way through, but the green stem and leaves contrast it very nicely. It has a mild flavor and the farmer recommends slicing thinly and serving raw, or do a very quick saute if desired to keep the color!!
Jaime Farm just started up farm fresh eggs – they use a few different breeds of chickens, so these eggs will come assorted – brown, green, white, and blue-ish white. Beautiful!!! Please pre-order!
Romanesco from 2 Peas in a Pod will not happen this week – he is in the midst of transitioning into his new field and are a little too small to harvest just yet. Also, Baby Pink Turnips from Coastal Farm are not available for 2-3 weeks, but her Baby Gold Turnips are! And, NO Fava’s until next week!! They’re so close, though, just one more week to size up.
No worries, though, there’s plenty of other fabulous produce coming in – check out Jaime Farm’s BABY Rainbow Chard this week (about 5-6 in long) or Spring Onions!
Note: All pre-orders must be placed by Tuesday at noon to [email protected] Emergency orders or add-ons will be accepted, but we can longer guarantee availability. If there are any special requests please feel free to ask!


  • Red Arrow Broccoli (purple) from Weiser Family Farm
  • Red Arrow Broccoli
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