Farmers' Market Report – Week of April 1st

Happy Monday!
How did everyone like their Fava’s? Amanda (our microgreen queen and your FM packer) made the mistake of eating one without removing the 2nd shell!! Ha ha, priceless! But yes, under that waxy shell, they are super sweet and fresh; not ONE BIT mealy. McGrath Farms and Coastal has more this week, supplies are goin’ good!
Another great new spring item is Polito Family Farm’s “Tom’s Terrific” Tangerines!! Trust me, you’re going to want this. I am not bringing in anymore Paige tangerines and bringing in these instead, that’s how TERRIFIC they are. We tried a sample last week and were in heaven. They are technically the Tahoe variety, originally developed via UC Riverside’s famous citrus breeding program. Easy to peel, 99% seedless, and JUUIIICCCYYY. Eat it over the sink and don’t say I didn’t warn you. $2.70 per LB, a little cheaper than the Paige. 🙂
Also, Weiser’s Bloomsdale Spinach was too small to cut, so this week will be Rutiz Farm! SNOW Peas available this week from Tutti Frutti Farm – SUPER SWEET!
The not-so-good news: Purplette Scallions from Rutiz Farm is gapping for the next 2 weeks. Harry’s Berries Baby Roma and Yellow Cherry Tomatoes will be gapping for about 3 months. Romanesco from 2 Peas in a Pod now will not be available for several weeks. The weather destroyed his new planting, and we must wait for the other field to come in. 🙁Baby Pink Turnips from Coastal Farm are still not available for 2 more weeks (I know I keep saying 2 weeks, sorry!), and Baby Broccoli is N/A for 2 weeks as they await their new planting. BUT, I am bring in the Weiser Farm Baby Green AND Purple Broccoli, which is a little larger than Coastal’s but equally delicious.
Until next week,
Note: All pre-orders must be placed by Tuesday at noon to [email protected] Emergency orders or add-ons will be accepted, but we can longer guarantee availability. If there are any special requests please feel free to ask!


  • Tom’s Terrific Tangerines from Polito Family Farm
  • Snow Peas from Tutti Frutti Farm
  • Red Spring Onions from Jaime Farm (not quite confirmed, but we’re hoping)
  • Red Spring Onions from Jaime Farms
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