Farmers' Market Report – Week of March 11th

Happy Monday, all!
Ugh, how about that darn daylight savings time? I am not thrilled to lose an hour of sleep, but at least we get more daylight – another sign that spring is coming, slowly but surely.
After talking to a lot of my farmers, up-and-coming new items for springtime menu’s are: Jerry’s Berries Strawberries (Jerry Rutiz’s version; he uses the “Galante” variety, which is a softer berry but extremely sweet – coming in early April), fresh Fava Beans from various farms – next week, lots more peas and beets and artichokes, purple baby broccoli coming this weekend from Weiser Farm (limited to start!), etc. etc.! More to come, I’m sure.
So, did you guys get our March Mushroom Madness specials? Dude. Check it out. Best prices of the year – and Kinoko Company is now officially producing all of this out of their San Marcos plant! No more Japan imports, except for the Enoki which requires a specialized technique. Brown and White Hon Shemeji, and Maitake $42.50 per case, King Trumpet $34.50 per case! Sorry, sorry, I know it’s not farmer’s market BUT it is local! Psst… first crop of Morel Mushrooms coming in this week, too. $33.50 per lb to start. You guys are the first to know. Feel special.
Note: All pre-orders must be placed by Tuesday at noon to [email protected]. Emergency orders or add-ons will be accepted, but we can longer guarantee availability. If there are any special requests, feel free to ask!


  • Purple Scallions from Rutiz Farm
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