Specialty Produce + chefs road trip to the Santa Monica Farmers' Market

June 20, 2009 0 Comments

Thank you to all of our chefs & friends who made the trip in the early hours of the morning to the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market. We’d also like to thank Donna McLoughlin who provided us with many of these great photos!
Andrew Spurgin (Water’s Fine Catering)
Donald Coffman (Water’s Fine Catering)
Brian Sinnott (1500 Ocean)
Antonio Friscia (Stingaree)
Michelle (Stingaree)
Amy DiBiase (Roseville)
Katie Grebow (Cafe Chloe)
Donna McLoughlin (Slow Food Urban San Diego)
Candice Woo (San Diego CityBeat)
Specialty Produce crew:
Kellie Palermo
Kate Turner
Go see what they’ve got cookin’

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