Fall's Sweetest Treat

October 18, 2009 0 Comments

Autumn is in full swing here in San Diego and along with it has brought a scrumptious spread of fall produce. Pumpkins, persimmons and my personal fall favorite, apples. Crisp Pink Lady, sweet Gala, tart Granny Smith, and fragrant Fuji, whatever flavor or texture you may be craving there is surely an apple that will fit your fancy. One of my personal favorites can be found right here in San Diego County.

Julian Empire Apple
Julian Empire Apple

Locally grown in Julian at Ravens Hill Orchard, the Julian Empire apple is one of the sweetest apples I have ever tasted! Perfectly sized for snacking on or baking up into a festive fall treat Empire apples are a scrumptious cross between a Red Delicious and a McIntosh. Ravens Hill Orchard was the original supplier of apples for the Julian Apple pie company and since 2005 has been run by the Brady Brothers.
Patrick Brady knows what it takes to produce mouth watering apples, living on the grounds year round he tends to the orchard and pays close attention to the weather patterns ensuring the trees are adequately watered, pruned and protected from frosty winters and hot summers.
During harvest season Ravens Hill opens to the public for U Pick where you can come down to the orchard and pick your own apples straight from the trees. Though the U Pick season is coming to a close at Raven Hill luckily you can still get some of Raven Hill’s sweet apples right here at Specialty Produce.

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