Farmers’ Market Bag 3-31-10 #spFMB

March 31, 2010 0 Comments

So, here we are! It’s spring again & there are many lovely things in store for you… have you been keeping up with the Farmers’ Market Report?  It’s very informative and has loads of information about what is in season in California.  These are the fruits and veggies that are going to taste the best, since they have to travel the shortest distance to get to you!
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Italian Sorrento Lemons – Rancho Del Sol
Pencil Asparagus – Life’s a Choke
Easter Egg Radish – Jaime Farms
Baby Bunch Carrots & Baby Leeks – Coastal Organics
Grumolo Radicchio, Tarragon & Pirat Lettuce – Coleman Farms
Dill – Gloria Tamai Farms
Kara Kara Tangerines – Beck Groves
Sugar Snap Peas – Tutti Frutti Farms
Thanks again for all the support. We’d like to remind you that we’ve had to raise the price of the fish from Catalina Offshore by $2 to a total of $12/2# because of market conditions due to the Tsunami! We are one world 😉 Hopefully this doesn’t discourage anyone, because it’s still a really great price! If you haven’t joined yet, you can order a bag for next week on our FMB page!

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