Farmers' Market Bag 5-12-10

May 12, 2010 0 Comments

Spring is in the air and that means one thing is for certain. Fresh, flavorful, colorful produce is a plenty here at Specialty Produce and the Farmers Market Bag this week is a perfect reflection of that! Enjoy & share what you made with the FMB community on our FB page!
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Cherries – Scott Farms
White Corn & Arugula – Gloria Tamai Farms
Sweet Basil & Assortment of tomatoes – Beylik Farms
Pirat Lettuce & Pirella Lettuce – Coleman Farms
Bouquet Garni – Windrose Farm
Baby Bermuda Onions – Weiser Family Farms
Navel Oranges – Garcia Organic Farms
If you haven’t joined yet, you can order a bag for next week on our FMB page!
Artichokes, Arugula, Avocados, Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cardones, Carrots, Cherimoyas, Citrus: , Grapefruit, Meyer Lemons, Mandarins, Kumquats, Blood Oranges, Cara Cara Oranges, Pomelos, Tangelos, Eggs, Fava Beans, Fennel, Fiddlehead Ferns, Green Garlic, Herbs: Dill, Leeks, Chives, Parsley, Mint, Tarragon; Lettuce, Mushrooms: Chanterelles, Hedgehog, Morel, Cremini, Nettles, Parsnips, Passion Fruits, Pea Tendrils, English Peas, New Potatoes, Treviso, Radicchio, Radishes, Rapini, Snap Peas, Sorrel, Strawberries, Watercress

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