Camp Confab! Next 10 tickets ordered get 2 weeks of the Specialty Produce Farmers' Market Bag + fish!

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It’s a giveaway!!!! On top of all the awesome offerings (listed below) that come with your ticket…. we’re running a special bonus for the next 10 tickets ordered for Camp Confab! You will receive a voucher for 2 weeks of Farmers’ Market Bags + 2 #’s of fish from Catalina Offshore for Free! This is a $64 added value to your ticket!
View the Farmers’ Market Bag program, including weekly videos of what you receive in the bag at
Buy your tickets now & take advantage of 2 free weeks the FMB!
Your tax deductible contribution is $135.00
Slow Food Urban San Diego is a 501c3, educational, all volunteer, member supported non profit organization.
Support a great cause, camp out on a farm, learn & indulge in great food prepared by this city’s finest chefs!

Saturday and Sunday, September 11 and 12: Camp Confab!
That’s right, it’s an overnighter with the Confablieri and the amazing people at Suzie’s Farm in Imperial Beach, California, Bring your own tent and enjoy nature and nature’s bounty with a variety of activities and excursions sure to please even the most urbane camper. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Slow Food Urban San Diego.
Our participating Confablieri include:
Amy DiBiase – Cosmopolitan
Andrew Spurgin & Donald Coffman – Waters Fine Catering
Antonio Friscia – Stingaree
Christian Graves – Jsix
Ian Ward – Snake Oil Cocktail Co.
Katie Grebow – Cafe Chloe
Melissa Mayer -Suzie’s Farm
Olivier Bioteau -Farm House Cafe
Paul McCabe – Kitchen 1540
Cooks Confab has also invited two guest chefs from Loews Hotel to join us, please welcome French Master Chef Marc Ehrler , Corporate Chef, Loews Hotels and Executive Chef, Loews Coronado Bay Resort, as well as Patrick Ponsaty, Chef de Cuisine, Mistral at Loews Coronado Bay Resort. These chefs have a wonderful relationship with Suzie’s Farm. as well as a stake in the neighborhood, and we are excited about their participation.
Ticket Price is 225.00 and includes all activities listed below (with the exception of the beach horseback riding and the MIHO Gastrotruck lunch, which require payment on premises plus some awesome camping swag!
Buy Tickets:
Suzie’s Farm
1856 Saturn Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92154
Saturday, September 11, 2010

Make Camp! – 8:00am-4:00pm
Bring your gear and set up your own camp on site.
Suzie’s Farm Tour – 10:30-12:00pm
Join Lucila De Alejandro, Head Weed Puller of Suzie’s Farm, for this personal and informative hands-on walking interview that will incorporate descriptions of the farm,
its history and ideals
Tijuana Estuary Tour 10:30am-12:30pm
Take a tour with Kristen Goodrich from Slow Food Urban San Diego of the Tijuana Estuary, wetlands that protect a variety of plant communities and wildlife. Discover the richness that unfolds around the Visitor Center, be it upland plant adaptations or the significance of our estuarine habitat. Learn about the flora and fauna and this stunning and fascinating ecosystem. You will be transported from Suzie’s Farm to The Tijuana Estuary. The cost of this activity is included in your ticket price.
Dinner Harvest – 12:30pm-1:30pm
Join Suzie’s Farm’s Harvesters, Head Weed Puller Lucila De Alejandro and Cooks Confab Chefs as they forage through the farm and decide what’s for dinner tonight
Beach Horse Ride – Booking Times Open
What better way to see the beach than from horseback! Take this one-of-a-kind tour conducted Sandi’s Rental Stable. Please contact Sandi’s directly 619-424-3124 to make your arrangements. The stable is within walking distance from Camp Confab!
– Supplemental cost and pre-booking applies
MIHO Gastrotruck Luncheon in the Field – 12:00pm-2:00pm
Kevin Ho and Juan Miron bring their Gastrotruck to Suzie’s for their “Farm to Street and
Back to the Farm” cuisine enjoyed in the field. On-site individual cash basis please
Coffee Boot Camp – 2:00pm–3:00pm
James and Paul, owners of The West Bean—a local micro-batch coffee roaster—will walk you through coffee from start to finish. You’ll learn the value of a perfectly-roasted coffee bean, and why it will change your appreciation of a well-brewed cup of coffee. Boot Camp will begin with their selection of the raw green beans. How varying roasting methods bring out the different flavors and nuances of the beans. The intricacies of a properly brewed cup of coffee. You’ll learn how to French press, drip-over brew, and expand your coffee palate. This class is definitely a 5-hour energy drink for your taste buds!
Composting 101 – 2:00pm-3:00pm
Want to know how and why? Now is your chance. Spend time with Master Composter Aaron Turner as he shows you exactly how you can bring this skill home for everyday use
Getting to Know Cheese! – 3:15pm-4:00pm
San Diego’s leading specialty artisan cheese shop Venissimo joins us with Cheesemonger, Cheese Whiz and owner Gina Freize. Gina will share a little history, how it’s made, what to pair, how to serve, ways to store & much more! Think 101 with a lot of 102 thrown in for good measure. Oh, and yes of course you get to try some of these gems. You’ll walk away well on your way to becoming a Cheese Whiz too!
A Few Words About Craft Beer – 4:00pm-5:00pm
Join world renowned Master Brewer Tomme Arthur from The Lost Abbey for this not to be missed personal hands on session. Tomme will walk and taste you through what it takes to produce his world-class award winning brews. You’ll come away with a little insider’s knowledge and greater appreciation of this craft. “Fresh beer is great. Aged beer is better” – Tomme Arthur
Camp Confab Harvest Dinner Celebration – 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Join the chefs for this memorable community family-style dinner, fresh from the field. A barbacoa of locally-raised goat, stick fire roasted locally-caught fish, and a bounty of wonderful produce from Suzie’s Farm and more… also included: beer pairings with The Lost Abbey, tequila tasting courtesy Casa Noble, and a cheese course assembled by Venissimo.
Camp Fire Program – 8:30pm-10:00pm
Skit and Talent Show: Dust off that harmonica and guitar, bust out the puppets, dress up like a ghost and tell a chilling tale, Yep, it time for the talent show! Contest for the best sing a long, skit, talent, puppet show, you name it, it’s up to YOU! Fantastical Prizes given for the best of the best!
Bed Time!
Off to your tent for a good nights sleep!
Sunday September 12, 2010
Clearing of the Fields – 6:45am-7:45am
Join Falconer Andrea Asbaugh, along with Seely the Harris Hawk and Gossip the Jack Russell. Gossip flushes the vermin and then Seely goes to work. This dramatic early
morning experience is not one to be missed!
Cowbell Breakfast with Cooks Confab – 8:30am -10:00am
Join the Cooks Confab chefs as they rustle up a “Harvester” breakfast for you
Camp Strike – 12:00noon – 2:00pm
Your tax deductible contribution is $135.00
Slow Food Urban San Diego is a 501c3, educational, all volunteer, member supported non profit organization.
Many thanks to Suzie’s Farm for hosting this really fun time!
NOTE: No one under 21 years old will be admitted.
Order your tickets now:
View the video from last week’s FMB below:

** The 10 winners will receive their voucher upon arrival at Camp Confab!

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