Get to Know Your Farmer

Tutti Frutti Farm

Located in Lompoc, CA

  •  Certified organic in 1988
  • Chris Cadwell took over the family’s remaining 14 acres of undeveloped land and started organic farming
  • Chris is the fifth generation to farm on their property


Get to Know Your Farmer

Go Green Agriculture

Located in Encinitas, CA

  • Produce roughly 500,000 plants/mo out of just 5 acres of greenhouse space.
  • Use 80% less water than a conventional farm by using a recirculating hydroponic system
  • One acre produces the equivalent of 20 acres of conventional row crop production
  • Family owned and operated


Get to Know Your Farmer

Pudwill Berry Farm

 Located in Nipomo, CA

  • 60 acres of land containing over 20 varieties of berries
  • Land is very fertile because it was originally a turkey farm
  • Although not certified organic, Pudwill does not use chemicals.  Instead they use biological and labor intensive methods of pest containment and prevention
  • They have figured out how to grow berries year round using resilient varieties and hoop houses


Get to Know Your Farmer

Penryn Orchard Specialties

Located in Placer County, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains

  •  4.5 acres harboring 56 different varieties of fruit trees and vines
  • The land was originally cultivated by Japanese immigrants who planted varieties that reminded them of home: mandarins, persimmons, and Asian pear varieties
  • The current owners do all the farming themselves from planting to harvest


Get to Know Your Farmer

Murray Family Farm

Located in Bakersfield, CA

  •  Sustainable farming practices
  • Grow 178 different varieties of fruit and vegetables, including 18 varieties of cherries
  • The earliest harvester of tree ripened cherries in California
  • G.A.P (good agricultural practices) certified
  • Crops are drip irrigated which achieves water efficiency of 95%
  • Only approved organic materials are used from bloom to harvest


Get to Know Your Farmer

McGrath Family Farm

Located on the Oxnard plain in Camarillo, CA

  •  5,000 acres of certified organic farmland split between 4 brothers
  • Five generations of the McGrath family have farmed here since 1868
  • Deep top soil makes year round farming possible
  • Their farm center houses a 7 day a week farmer’s market on property and also provides deliveries to local restaurants


Get to Know Your Farmer

Frog Hollow Farm

Located in Brentwood, CA

  • Certified organic orchard
  • Land sits in the Sacramento River Delta
  • 133 acre orchard with over 100 varieties of fruit trees
  • Sustainable growing and labor practices, providing year round employment to local residents
  • All trees are tended by hand


Get to Know Your Farmer

Flora Bella Farm

Located in Three Rivers, CA

  • Certified organic farm
  • Land sits at the base of three rivers: Kaweah, South Fork, North Fork
  • Watered by snowmelt off from the Sierras, creating the cleanest organics possible.
  • Surrounding cow and horse pastures create ideal environment for beneficial pest program.


Get to Know Your Farmer

Fitzgerald Farms

Located in Reedley, CA just south of Fresno, CA

  • Owned and cultivated by Fitzgerald Kelly since 1972
  • 35 acres of Orchard
  • 74 different varieties of stone fruit
  • Each piece of fruit is tree-ripened and hand picked.
  • Fruit is sold exclusively to the farmer’s markets in San Francisco, Santa Monica, and Specialty Produce


Get to Know Your Farmer

Coleman Family Farm

Located in Carpentaria, CA

  • Family owned and operated since 1964
  • 6 acres of farmland
  • Farming trade and secrets passed down through multiple generations.
  • Various types of cutting lettuces developed through experimentation with soil.